TV productions are at the heart of what we do.

Wrapping crazy, amazing or unusual stories into a format that will excite millions of viewers is our passion.

The shows we've produced have affected the lives of the people who stood in front of our cameras, raised awareness for pressing issues and left our audiences in awe of topics they had never heard about before.

The most important component for us is to fall in love with the stories we produce and to love the people we work with. We know that only then can do we our best work and make everyone involved in the production happy. We keep a keen eye for formats and a lust for stories.

Latest Production

3 Minutes between 2 borders

Every year for 3 minutes, a small door in the border fence between Mexico and the US opens to reunite families that have been separated for decades.


ZDF Auslandsjournal

ZDF Terra X

RTL Extra

RTL Explosiv

RTL Exclusiv

Kabel1 Abenteuer Leben

PRO7 Taff

PRO7 Galileo


Deutsche Welle

National Geographic



Learn why Mexico is the perfect location for your film or tv production.

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