We are transparent with our feelings and demands for ourselves and one another. We are not afraid to show vulnerability; we value and take time for self-reflection. We lay out work & explanation of budgets to our clients in order to generate trust, synergy and lasting partnerships.

We understand that respectful communication - even when strong feelings and stress are involved - is important for trusting each other in the long run. We are respectful and grateful with the people who work for us - no matter what their position is (e.g on set). We are respectful with each other’s time and the time of our clients.



We understand passion as an attitude of approaching what we work on with love and determination. To us passion is not something that just miraculously happens but something that we have to find within ourselves again and again. We commit to finding the passion for each project anew in order to be able to give our best and generate that love for what we do, so it can be felt by the rest of the team we are working with and by our clients.

We treat each project as our baby. Which means we take care of it - not only with love and passion - but also with carefulness and attention to detail. We own our projects and assume 100% responsibility for them. That is why we will not present a problem without a solution. We think with and for our clients and colleagues. When something does not work out, we are not interested in who is to blame, but move quickly to finding solutions together. We push ourselves and each other to deliv er maximum quality, maximum soulfulness and results. We help our clients adhere to their commitment by pushing them to deliver their part of the project. Pushing each other is powerful and it starts with holding each other accountable and agreeing to be held accountable.



We are loyal to & appreciate the team. We go through this together in good and bad times. We strive to find appreciation in the contribution of everyone on the team – in the office, on set, in meetings. We know the power of genuine appreciation and the power of expressing it. We trust in the ability of the others and appreciate their efforts for the team, for us, for the clients. We appreciate the vision and values of this company. We appreciate our clients and the opportunities that they create for us.

We strive to be positive about what we do. We know that a positive approach to life, changes and obstacles is a superpower and we use that superpower. Obstacles are opportunities and once something suddenly changes, we know that life often surprises us and the new outcome might even be better than the old one. Positivity lets us see things with new angles, makes us find creative solutions, let’s us always see and expect the best from each other and from our clients. We meet our clients and providers with the same positive attitudes and strive to make our positivity shine onto them.



We are fully aware that we are better together. We strive to meet our goals together. We know that fighting alone – even when achieving results - stands against Romero and Braas. We take care of our own needs but after that we always offer our creative input and our skills to the rest of the team in order for all of us to reach the result we have set for the company.